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Often, I host a series of classes through Canyon Title called the Power Series, which is a series of classes that hold an educational and applicable business-building strategy that produces results and outcomes which profoundly impact the confidence of those applying these principles.  

Now, Darylle Dennis, the creator of these classes and the expert behind the Power Series, is releasing a new book titled Receivability: 9 Steps To Apply Quantum Physics For Your Success. In this book, Darylle takes the time to explore the value vs. force educational series in depth, applying lessons learned from quantum physics into your everyday life. 

What was once unachievable feels more within reach when applying Darylle’s method to success. Her method, and her book, helps to teach anyone how to manifest goals and turn the impossible into something more tangible. 

The lessons in Receivability can be applied to all areas of life: love, relationships, finding joy and abundance, prosperity and discovering deeper creativity. The nine steps help to clear one’s mind and find a better path toward the end goal by transforming ways of thinking and processing information. 

As listed on Amazon, the goal of Receivability is to help achieve goals. “Setting goals is easy. The challenge is to receive them. RECEIVABILITY will remove every barrier to Receiving.  These 9 steps, applied once, will leave no doubt as to their deep power and effectiveness to change lives.”

Darylle’s book also comes with the option for a companion book as a reference guide, the Receivability journal, with inspirational quotes to further the educational journey with the book.
Darylle’s book is currently available on