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If you are starting your career in real estate or just looking for ways to revamp your business, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There is a delicate balance of knowing where to allocate your time and budget. Instead of spreading yourself too thin by trying to build your business using every tool possible, try taking it step-by-step and create a system for yourself. Everyone’s system is different, but here are some steps you can do to jump start your business.

  1. Announce Yourself: Leverage your sphere of influence as an agent or lender. Don’t think that you have a sphere? Look around you; your current social sphere is comprised of family, friends, old schoolmates, and their connections as well. Gather these contacts into a database of your choosing and plan your first email blast. This email doesn’t need to be formal or pushy, it should just be an announcement of your new career in real estate and some of the services you offer with a link to your website. Here are some tips on creating your sphere of influence list:
    • Categorize your list by how you know the people, this way you can quickly identify them if they reach out down the line.
    • Reply and thank anyone that responds to your announcement, remember you are cultivating new business relationships, so make sure to start on the right foot by building a rapport.
    • Make contact with people the way you usually would. For instance, when making the announcement to a close friend or family member give them a call or text them in addition to the email blast to make it feel more genuine.
  2. Utilizing Social Media: Social Media more than likely will be a significant component of your marketing plan, and it is essential that you find what works best for you. Pick two social media platforms that make sense for you and put all of your efforts into those two channels. It is more beneficial for you to market yourself well on a couple of social media sites rather than to spread yourself thin on all social media sites. Here are some tips on which platforms are best used for what purpose:
    • Instagram – This platform is centered around photos, so make sure to get a clear idea of what you want your brand to look like and to integrate that into your posts. The best thing you can do on this platform is telling stories. Followers want to know about you as a person, and if you can keep them interested, this is a great way to sprinkle in your services as well.
    • Facebook – Facebook has some extensive real estate groups that can be utilized to get to know people in the industry, as well as find potential leads through Facebook Advertising. It is also very community-centric and is a great place to post community-related news or events to your followers and demonstrate your local market expertise.  
    • Linkedin – Linkedin is your hub for professional networking. This platform provides a robust marketing and engagement system featuring group discussion boards, private messaging, and blogging. Use Linkedin to establish your professional reputation online. You should post industry-related news, current exciting projects you’re working on, and interact with fellow agents and lenders on their posts as well.
  3. Direct Mail Campaign – If you are doing business in a particular area create a direct mail campaign for that area. You can either create your own direct mail campaign and outsource the printing and mailing, or I recommend using Corefact. Corefact does everything for you from design to printing and mailing your postcards. By sending consistent branding to your target neighborhood, you can increase your brand’s awareness with very little maintenance using Corefact.
  4. Bring People Together – For Agents, if you are hosting an open house, send invites within that neighborhood as an opportunity for neighbors to view the house and get to know you as an agent. As a lender, if you joined a new brokerage or company, host your own open house/happy hour and hand out info on your services. Bringing people together can help you add your personality to your brand. Marketing yourself online and through direct mail certainly helps get your name and services out there, but nothing beats cultivating relationships in person.
  5. Find a Mentor in the Industry – Finding a real estate mentor is a great and rewarding way to fast track your career, as these people have been through what you are going through and found ways to thrive in real estate. There are plenty of real estate coaches and investors that would be happy to provide you with their mentorship services. If you are looking to find a more organic real estate mentor, there are several ways you can go about doing so:
    1. Join local meetup groups or attend networking events.  
    2. Attend some free training classes.
    3. Read forums that successful real estate professionals have participated in.
  6. Know Your Vendors – Go to events where you can meet builders, agents, title reps, interior designers, loan officers, etc. Cultivating relationships across the real estate industry is a great way to get (and give) client referrals. Keep an eye out for more information on the 2nd Annual Colorado New Construction Summit happening later this year. This event is precisely the type of networking you need as it joins leaders in the home building, real estate, and construction lending industries to discuss firsthand how to better serve Denver’s hungry homebuyer market.

7 Ways to Find a Real Estate Mentor for Free