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October is cybersecurity month, and we like to take time out every year to talk about cybersecurity tips and tricks to help you stay safe while working in the digital world. From double checking email addresses to never sharing too many personal details, we’ve got some tips and hints to help you stay safe while online. 

The Risks

Cybersecurity can lead to a lot of risks, including everything from fraud to identity theft to loss of funds. Because of all of these risk factors involved with online security, October is recognized as National Cybersecurity Month to bring necessary reminders of how to stay safe online and utilize good practices for personal and work security. 

Good Practices

There are multiple ways to help yourself stay safe and secure on a daily basis. Here are a few that we practice that are good to integrate into your everyday life and habits:

  • Use strong passwords, and try not to reuse passwords on different websites
  • Use letters, numbers and special symbols in all passwords
  • Use multi-factor authentication when available
  • Close or delete unused accounts
  • Be wary of unsecured WiFi and avoid when possible, only use secured networks
  • Routinely monitor online accounts and close unused accounts
  • Keep contact information current, so you can be reached if there is a breach in security
  • Set up monitoring services to remain the most secure

Stay Alert

One of the best ways to stay safe online is simply to remain alert. Is there a suspicious login attempt? Change your passwords to play it safe. Is there an email from a familiar name, but with a lot of typos? Check the email address against your address book to ensure it is from your contact, and not an imposter account. 

If something feels suspicious when it pops up on your screen or into your inbox, treat it as if it’s not real until proven otherwise. Staying alert will help you stay away from current phishing schemes and scams. No system is perfect, and remaining diligent will help ensure you don’t face any cybersecurity issues. 

Do you have any personal tips or tricks that have helped you stay safe online over the years? Let us know! We’re always working to improve our security practices.