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As more and more states issue shelter in place orders to fight the coronavirus pandemic, people across the nation and world are adapting to working from home and implementing creative solutions to continue business practices. 

For many real estate professionals, working from a distance can be a challenge when it comes to showing properties or going through the closing process. 

Here are 6 things real estate professionals can do today to keep their business strong and prepare for the end of the coronavirus crisis:

Make an ‘as soon as this passes’ plan with clients

It’s never too soon to start putting plans in place for when things begin to calm down. With active clients, you can utilize phone calls, video chats and more to stay connected on their goals, needs and desires. Set goals and expectations that can be flexible during these unpredictable times, but help create a sense of stability and reliability for your clients. 

Sort through and organize CRM contacts 

With this extra time, now is the ideal situation for sorting through and organizing contacts in your CRM. Update client information and categorization to make work easier from this point out. Taking the time to go through the CRM will help you be able to communicate well with clients.

Utilize technology to connect with clients

Just because social distancing and shelter in place measures are in effect does not mean you can’t communicate well with your clients. With the internet, it’s easier than ever to keep people up to date. Real estate agents can utilize video tours of homes to show clients. Use a program like Zoom or Google Hangouts to connect with clients via video chat to maintain face-to-face communication efforts. 

Build your social media presence

Branding is an important, yet time consuming, part of online marketing. Take the time out of your day to think about your social media presence and how it could be improved to better serve your clients during this time. Whether it’s advice on how to navigate the closing process, graphics that explain processes or pictures that give your social media  personal touch, now is the time to establish good online presence and habits that can carry over after this period ends. 

Do a website audit

When life gets busy, it’s hard to remember to update your business website regularly. Go through every page and make sure everything is working properly. Check your contact information, update your bio, and upload new photos if you have them. Now is also a good time to start or step up your blog presence, and to link your website back to your social media so everything is cohesive and functioning properly.

Clear out your virtual workspace and organize your files

Organization can go a long way to helping with success, so take advantage of any extra time to clear out your virtual workspace. Get your email inbox back down to zero unread messages and make sure you are up to date with all communications. Go through and organize your client files so that you know where everything is and it is all up to date. This will help foster success both during and after the shelter in place measures!