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Spring is just around the corner, bringing the beginning of what is typically the busy season for the housing industry. As the weather gets warmer and the school year winds down, the housing industry tends to pick up speed going into the summer months. 

Here are our top tips for prepping for the busy season. 

Don’t forget your business plan (and adapt it!)

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the importance of creating business plans. Planning for the busy season is no different! Make sure you set up goals, tasks, and milestones so you can keep track of your progress and challenge yourself to improve your business continually. 2020 set the tone for the beginning of 2021 housing, including more virtual tours, high competition, and more. Now, after almost a year of continually adjusting to a changing world, real estate professionals are quicker to make adaptations and more prepared than ever before to help clients get in their homes. 

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What to expect from the market

As we look ahead to 2021, we need to prepare for another busy year. According to Colorado Biz Magazine, inventory in the state is going to continue to remain low. Housing prices continued to increase throughout 2020, and it doesn’t look like that’s about to slow down for Colorado either. 

Interest rates are also expected to increase later in the year, meaning now may be a good time to explore refinancing. With unexpectedly low rates, and high demand, we are anticipating another busy season and year for the real estate industry as a whole. 

Stay positive 

Most importantly, stay positive! 2020 brought unanticipated changes to live as a whole and the function of the real estate market. Stay flexible as you begin to prep for the upcoming busy season, and don’t lose sight of your overall goals. 

The market may take unexpected turns, and COVID-19 will continue to impact the way we are able to do business throughout the year. However, with positivity, flexibility and preparation, we are anticipating a busy and successful spring real estate season!