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Staying aware is always key to safety. Whether it’s remaining alert during meetings or showings, planning in advance so that someone always knows where you are and who you’re meeting with, or simply trusting your instincts, it’s critical that you practice heightened awareness as a real estate professional. 

If something about a meeting feels off, trust your gut and call it off. Always be aware of who you are meeting with and the potential dangers that may happen. Even though a majority of the time our clients are fantastic people, it’s critical that you always remain aware of potential dangers. 


If something bad does happen, you want to be prepared. We recommend that you always have at least one person who knows where your meeting is, what time to expect you to leave that meeting, and who you are meeting with. This accountability partner can check in with you before and after meetings or be on standby to give you a phone call if you feel uncomfortable. 

There are a variety of personal safety tools you can keep on your person as well. While you may feel comfortable carrying pepper spray or a personal alarm, there are other items that can help you achieve peace of mind too. Check out wearable jewelry that acts as an alarm and calls 911 at the touch of a button, or an app such as FOREWARN to verify your client’s identity and information prior to meeting. 

Stay Skeptical

Real estate professionals are often targets for online scams. In addition to being extra cautious with your personal safety, it’s just as important to guard your private information. Be cautious and always check emails for phishing scams. 

If you’re sent any unfamiliar or unsolicited links that seem suspicious, don’t click on them. Guard your online identity and presence as tightly as you guard yourself in person to stay safe online and maintain good cybersecurity practices. 

From personal alarms and apps to checking links before clicking, it’s critical that real estate professionals remain vigilant when it comes to safety. To learn more about safety tips and tools, click here: