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Tips on How to Make a Professional Real Estate Video

Prepare yourself for the Video:

When you appear on camera you are representing your personal brand, so it is important that you put your best foot forward. A little preparation before getting in front of the camera can help you feel polished, professional, and confident.  For makeup, ladies, you can stick to your normal routine, but may want to take your foundation and eye makeup up a notch. Eyes have a tendency to disappear on camera. Guys, make sure your facial hair (if you have any) is groomed, and brush on a light coat of face powder to prevent your face from appearing shiny. Remember to smile and have a steady gaze toward the camera to make the video feel more natural. Finally keep the camera at a higher angle so you are not looking unnaturally down at it, and make sure to wear contrasting solid colors from the background you are using.

Practice Being Recorded and in Front of the Camera:

Have you ever heard yourself in a recording and think, “Who is that?”. While that’s a normal reaction to hearing yourself, you want to make sure that for others, your video voice doesn’t sound over-rehearsed. Try recording your voice while talking to a friend and playing that back to yourself, this helps you gauge what your normal talking voice sounds like. The same goes with being in front of a camera- act normally and not overly posed. Try gesturing with your hands, the way you would in a real conversation. You know you’ve made it when you can’t tell the difference of when you are on or off camera.

Edit Your Real Estate Video:

Utilize apps like Animoto and Magisto to help make your video look more professional and interesting. You can add music in the background, titles, and enhance the overall video quality. It’s important to maintain a professional brand with your clients while staying personable. Which is why a neatly edited video is the perfect solution.

Make Sure Your Real Estate Video Will Rank on Google & YouTube:

Since Google owns YouTube, videos can rank higher than blogs or news sites during Google searches. You can utilize this by including keywords in the title, description, video file name, tags, and keeping the video length to 5 minutes. YouTube also allows you to choose your own thumbnail which is the preview picture shown before you press play, you can apply this by choosing a clipping that will entice your audience.

Remember to Include a Call to Action:

A call to action is asking your viewers to do something after watching your video. For agents, at the end of your video, add a line asking your viewers to contact you. For example,“If you’re interested in buying or selling a home or just looking for advice, check out our website in the link below” or “Call me to learn more about living and working in ________” or finally, “Call today to set up a private showing.”

Promote Your Videos on Social Media:

Your video will most likely not be seen by anyone unless you promote it yourself. A free way of doing this is to share it to your social media accounts. This can increase views and possible leads while also increasing your personal page’s post impressions as video has become the most popular form of media on Facebook.